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Peckham Vision's alternative ideas helped create the Contingency Plan

The CLF Weekender attracted many people to the Chronic Love Foundation Art Cafe, and the roof was opened up, allowing people views across London.

The plan to safeguard site 63P/71P for the tram depot caused blight and degeneration for 5 years, and this would have continued for the 10 years or more before it was completed. In addition the tram depot, which would be a high security site for 24 hours a day, would if built:

  • close off and sterilise a very large area of the town centre, and could hardly help in its regeneration;
  • lose the opportunity that this huge site presents for providing a wide variety of spaces for the continuing developments in creative industries, small businesses, and community uses, which are now occurring in central Peckham. Read more...

Peckham Vision argued that the Council needed to have a Contingency Plan for the site. Read more...